Oh, and a pic

This was one of the pics I sent to Richard at Free The Animal to go along with some information he blogged about for RS results. It’s my favorite of the pics, though he’s going to post several others. Update: his post is up. Here’s the link.

Me in November, before trying resistant starch, and me after 2 months. No weight loss, slight net gain, but the inflammation and swelling went down in my face and I think it shows.

In the first pic my face was really swollen and I attempted to put on some make up to disguise how bad my eyes were. I felt like a clown as I normally eschew makeup or other worldly junk, and I washed it off immediately after, lol.
The second pic is how I actually look, most every day.

me two times


4 thoughts on “Oh, and a pic”

  1. Michelle, not that you’ve got inflammation and body comp and glucose squared away, you can turn attention to the fat loss aspect over time. Hopefully, as for me and others, it can be a natural thing brought on by feeling good and being satiated most of the time.

    Best wishes and thanks for putting yourself out there. I know there are haters but I’ll bet there are tons in your shoes who will know exactly what they’re seeing.

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