Musings on blogging

I am putting this here as a list/reminder of topics I’d like to work on during the week.

Manosphere, feminism and Christian Marriage Mondays

Torah Observant theology Tuesdays

Menu and meals Wednesdays

Reformed theology Thursdays

Fit Friday link up

Open topics, written ahead of time and posted on weekends or whenever


8 thoughts on “Musings on blogging”

      1. i look back and wonder if my best blogging wasn’t when i was a beginner. I wasn’t afraid of anything yet.

      2. Hah! I am afraid of it all! Especially in light of the fabulous posts by SSM and others. But I do feel it is important to show younger women an example of what real feminine behavior is supposed to look like, especially coming from a reformed feminist. I’m 46, 47 in a few days so it’s time for me to do the Titus 2 mentor thing, methinks 🙂

      3. You probably found us through SSM, she is a great blogger and her community is fun. I comment there sometimes, but not often.

      4. Yep, had no idea you were there until I read her post. I’ve only been reading her posts since her new blog; never know about her before. It was so great to see there were women out there like her! I was ready to give up on the ‘tubes prior. There’s lots of lovely SAH Christian bloggers, but I wanted something more SUBSTANTIAL! I have only commented once, today. Too afraid of the Menz, plus I don’t have much constructive to say as of yet. Heh.

      5. Yes, the men of the manosphere are a unique breed. 🙂
        There’s quite a bit of intelligence to be found in some of their comments if you can skip over the bitterness.

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